Social Determinants Play a Major Role in Your Health 

Feb 26, 2024 | News

Being healthy is at the top of many of our to-do lists. But have you ever stopped to consider how social factors influence your overall health? These non-medical factors, known as “Social Determinants of Health”, play a big role in shaping individual’s well-being and their quality of life. From economic stability to education access, and from healthcare availability to essentials like healthy foods, childcare, and housing, these factors can often stand as barriers to receiving proper care.

Enter Community Health Centers! According to the National Association of Community Health Centers, one in eleven Americans is a health center patient. Within this cohort, 90 percent are from low-income backgrounds, with 42 percent residing in rural communities… like ours! These regions frequently grapple with transportation challenges and limited access to essential resources.

As a community health center, Mid-State Health Center is excited to spotlight its team of patient support specialists, who provide important help to patients facing different types of challenges with their health.  When patients have trouble with finances, getting to appointments, or feeling overwhelmed, its Patient Support Team is here to help at no cost to its community.  

Mid-State Health Center’s Patient Support Team offers a variety of services to help break down barriers to a healthier you, including:

  • Talking about and planning for future medical care
  • Assistance enrolling in health insurance
  • Helping older adults and their families plan for long-term care
  • Assisting with paperwork for programs like Medicaid and Food Stamps
  • Providing food support through Mid-State’s Feed the Need Program
  • Helping find affordable medications and housing
  • Arranging transportation to medical appointments
  • Connecting patients with programs for help with bills, food, and domestic violence
  • Advocating for patients when dealing with healthcare systems
  • Offering information about substance abuse help
  • And so much more.

“A provider might manage your diabetes, but without transportation, it’s tough to make it to your appointments, pick up prescriptions, or access healthy foods,” shares Lisa S., one of Mid-State’s dedicated Community Health Workers. “We’re here to help individuals and families through tough times, offering resources and support, every step of the way.”

Mid-State extends heartfelt gratitude to the Bi-State Primary Care Association and the State of New Hampshire for their recent advocacy and funding support. This backing has enabled Mid-State to train more staff members as certified Community Health Workers, a pivotal role in advancing community health, and helping its community address these important health factors.

Mid-State’s patient support team is ready and waiting to assist you, free of charge! To schedule an appointment with a member of our Patient Support Team at Mid-State Health Center, please call 603-536-4000.