New Hampshire Immunization / Vaccination Registry

Mid-State Health Center participates in NHIIS, New Hampshire’s Immunization Information System.

NHIIS is a secure and confidential web-based system that stores information on immunizations that patients and their families receive in one central location.

What this means to you:
• NHIIS will consolidate your immunization information from multiple New Hampshire health care providers who participate in NHIIS into a single reliable record.
• Keeping immunization information in one location will let you and your healthcare providers know what immunizations you and your family have had and which immunizations you will need in the future.
• As your health care provider, we will have quick and easy access to immunization records when needed for schools, licensed child care centers, and camp entry requirements, regardless of where you got vaccinated.
• In the event you move, change health care provider(s), during natural disasters, such as flood or hurricane, or a disease outbreak, all of your participating health care providers will have access to your immunization information.
• In the event of a disease outbreak, NHIIS will assist in identifying when a patient requires immediate vaccination.

Participation in NHIIS is voluntary.

You can choose, or choose not to, have your immunization information included in NHIIS, you will need to fill out a Opt In or Opt Out form.

NOTE: If you have multiple health care providers participating in NHIIS and you do not want to participate, you will need to notify each health care provider individually.

For more information, please review the NHIIS Patient Information Brochure.