Physical & Occupational Therapy

We pride ourselves in the relationships we build and help you rehab it right the first time.


At Mid-State Health Center, we are dedicated to serving the needs of every patient by providing high-quality healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Our passion for service to our patients is the driving force behind our quality care.  Our office at 101 Boulder Point Drive STE 3, Plymouth, NH, contains an intimate fitness center, 5 treatment rooms, and the only 90-degree therapy pool in the area.

Life can change in a matter of minutes.  Mid-State is here for those times when the unexpected happens.  If you are dealing with a recent injury, recovering from surgery, or experiencing chronic pain, we can help you heal, regain strength, mobility, and reduce pain.  We treat patients with a variety of therapy needs, including:

  • Chronic Pain/Whiplash/TMJ: CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation
    Occupational Therapy: Our occupational therapists use a variety of treatment options to help improve your activity level and participate in daily life tasks and activities
  • Joint Replacement/Injuries: Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Hand, Back, Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Foot
  • Pediatric Therapy: We work with children from toddler to age 21 and their families, offering excellent care for certain pediatric conditions
  • Sports Injuries: Our physical therapists will design programs tailored to the physical demands of active people like you – the weekend warrior, the performing artist, or the competitive athlete
  • Work Injuries: We partner with employers, case managers, payers, and insurers to treat and prevent work-related injuries and reduce the total workers’ compensation spend
  • Vertigo and Dizziness/Concussion: Vestibular rehabilitation & concussion rehabilitation to help you heal
  • Orthopedic Surgical Rehabilitation: Assisting patients in increasing mobility, regaining strength, controlling pain, improving balance, and returning to the previous level of function.
  • Balance/Stroke/Parkinson’s/Multiple Sclerosis: Our balance and gait treatment programs can improve and, in many cases, eliminate your unsteadiness.  LSVT BIG program for people with Parkinson’s disease



Our Physical Therapy Team (formerly a part of Pemi-Baker Community Health), provides personalized and individualized care to treat a wide range of injuries, diagnoses, and conditions. Our highly-skilled and professional staff will help you achieve your health goals and to restore your function. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our care, and encourage all of our patients to be engaged in their treatment and approach our services in a collaborative way.

Mid-State Health Center’s PT OT program offers solutions that focus on treating the causes of physical injuries and diagnoses, rather than just the symptoms. Mid-State’s integrated care is a multidisciplinary treatment model and utilizes a team-based approach. Our imaging department, primary care service, and visiting orthopedics working together with your Physical/Occupational Therapist create the optimal treatment plan designed for you.



Quality care and our commitment to excellence is at the center of Mid-State Physical & Occupational Therapy. We take pride in hiring dedicated staff members that have a genuine interest in every aspect of your health care from your initial visit, through your treatment and beyond.  Our Physical Therapists have years of experience in specialty therapy such as Myofascial & CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral & Neural Manipulations, Active Release Techniques, Dry Needling, Geriatrics, Vertigo & TMJ specialties.  Whether you’re looking to safely recover overall fitness, lost movement, flexibility, strength or balance, our professionals will meet you where you’re at and tailor a treatment program after a thorough evaluation that’s specific to your condition and needs.

We will work closely with your physician and other health professionals to ensure that your whole self is cared for.



Our team focuses on caring for each patient and reaching their goals. At your first appointment, our physical therapist will ask about your injury, home environment, activity level, interests, and personal goals. Do you want to be able to pick up your grandchild? Do you want to start running again? Or would you like to enjoy cooking dinner without pain?

We will spend time listening and documenting the information you provide to create a roadmap for your treatment and, most importantly, get you back to daily life.

You will also need to sign important paperwork, such as the Consent to Treat.

Your physical therapist will also check your strength and flexibility. During that first appointment, our goal is to provide information about:

  • Your injury
  • Your treatment plan and how it will help you
  • How many appointments you can expect for your treatment

We often begin treatment during your first appointment, which will be 40-60 minutes.

Experience the power of physical therapy and its benefits.  Physical therapy can help you get you back to life and the things you love while avoiding surgery and the long-term use of prescription medications.  During physical therapy, we will improve your quality of life and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Formerly Pemi-Baker Community Health Physical and Occupational Therapy, Mid-State’s PT OT services will be located at 101 Boulder Point Drive, STE 3, Plymouth, NH.

To schedule an appointment, please call 603-536-5533.

Physical Therapy