Preparing For Your Visit


We are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. All that is required is a call to our office to schedule an appointment. When you call, our friendly staff will assess your needs in order to schedule you appropriately.

Same-day appointments are often available.

Need to change or cancel an appointment? Please notify our office immediately.


What to Bring With You and When To Arrive

  • Bring all documents you feel are important to your visit including recent health care services received outside of Mid-State.
  • Bring your current medications or a list of current medications with you
  • Bring your insurance card
  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow time for the check-in process.


Prescribing Medications at Your First Visit

In order to ensure you have the correct medications for your conditions and health concerns, the following will be considered before ANY prescription is filled for a new patient:

  • If you have an active prescription and will be in need of refills, it is imperative you indicate this to our staff when you are contacted to schedule an “Establish Care” visit.
  • You MUST be seen for an “Establish Care” Visit, at which, the following will occur:
    • Review of existing health conditions, work up, and evaluation previously performed
    • Review of current medications
    • Physical exam as needed to determine the necessity for the requested medications
    • If controlled substances are considered, a review of Mid-State’s policy for prescribing controlled medications and completion of a controlled substance contract is required.
  • Any medications prescribed must be deemed appropriate for your current conditions and based on your medical history by your Mid-State provider.
  • Your new Mid-State provider is not obliged to prescribe any previously prescribed medications you may be taking. There are often many options for treatment of chronic conditions and these will be reviewed with you at the visit.

NOTE:  Due to Federal regulations, Mid-State’s Providers are NOT able to write prescriptions for cannabis or marijuana in any form and cannot prescribe any controlled substance to someone who uses marijuana.


Services to Ensure Your Visit is a Great Experience

Interpretation and Language Services: Mid-State will provide an interpreter for our patients as needed at no cost. Please let our office know ahead of time, so we are able to plan accordingly.

Español (Spanish) Atención:  si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística.

Français (French) Attention:  Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement.

Assistance completing Forms: If you would like assistance in completing your forms, we are happy to help. Simply call us to schedule a time to meet with a member of our team.

Assistance managing the cost: If you are uninsured or concerned about how you will pay for your bill, our Patient Account Representatives will gladly assist.  Mid-State offers assistance in enrolling in a variety of coverage options, prompt payment discounts, and sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

Assistance with Transportation to your visit: If you need assistance with transportation, let us know. Sometimes we are able to help coordinate a ride to and from your appointment.


When You Arrive

  • Relax – we’ve got this down to a science!
  • Patient Services will check you in and confirm your information and ensure all necessary paperwork is complete.
  • A Medical Assistant will call you and take you into the clinical area where they will take your blood pressure, pulse, weight and temperature.
  • A Medical Assistant will also lead you to an exam room take your patient history and review any current conditions and medications.
  • Your Provider will come to meet with you for your visit.
  • After your visit, please check-out with the Patient Services team. They will give you important paperwork about your visit and arrange any referrals, labs, services or other visits you may need.
  • Too much to remember? Don’t worry, our friendly staff is always happy to help guide you through the process.
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