Mid-State Celebrates $130,659 in Support from Northeast Delta Dental

Jan 16, 2024 | News

Mid-State Health Center is honored to announce the receipt of three generous awards from the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation, amounting to a total of $130,659 in support of its oral health programming. Understanding the crucial connection between oral health and overall well-being, Mid-State is proud to spotlight three impactful programs that have been generously funded by the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation.

Endodontics in Bristol: In early 2023, Northeast Delta Dental Foundation supported the purchase of endodontist equipment for its Bristol clinic’s newest Endodontics Program. Mid-State now provides Endodontics on a sliding scale to patients via referral – one of the only community health centers in the state to offer this service.

Dental Outreach Vehicle: The Northeast Delta Dental Foundation granted funding to Mid-State for the acquisition of a dental outreach vehicle. This vehicle enables Mid-State’s oral health team to offer off-site dentistry services to local nursing homes, schools, and attend other community outreach activities.

Littleton Dental Clinic: Recently, the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation generously contributed support for Mid-State’s latest dental clinic. Thanks to this donation, Mid-State was able to establish and operate a new oral health clinic in Littleton, NH, providing vital dental services to patients in the northern region of New Hampshire.

Mid-State sincerely extends its heartfelt appreciation to Northeast Delta Dental for their continues support and joint dedication to oral health care within the community. Dr. Kelly Perry, DMD, and Dental Director for Mid-State Health Center, expresses deep gratitude, stating, “We are truly honored by the immense generosity of Northeast Delta Dental. Their support has empowered us to enhance our oral health services, broaden our impact, and bring more smiles to our patients. We cannot thank them enough.”

“We are grateful to Mid-State Health Center for helping us to carry out our mission of providing dental care to the underserved,“ explained Jennifer McGrath, Senior Manager, Corporate Giving, Northeast Delta Dental. “With these three different initiatives they are able cover a variety of dental procedures as well as different locales in need. We truly appreciate their expertise and hard work.” To learn more about Mid-State Health Center and their oral health programs, please visit midstatehealth.org.