Mid-State Health Center Expands Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services in Lincoln, NH

Jul 31, 2023 | News, Uncategorized

Mid-State Health Center is thrilled to announce exciting news for the residents of Lincoln, NH, and its surrounding areas. Andrea Berry, DO, a prominent member of Mid-State Health Center’s RISE Recovery Services and Primary Care team, has recently expanded her availability to provide specialized substance use disorder treatment in its Lincoln office. This expansion aims to meet the needs of patients in the northernmost catchment area who may face transportation barriers, ensuring access to recovery services, such as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Dr. Andrea Berry has a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders. She brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in providing MAT for both opioid and alcohol substance use disorders through Mid-State’s RISE Recovery Services. MAT is a comprehensive approach that combines the use of medications with counseling, proven to be highly effective in developing healthier coping skills during the course of treatment and recovery process.

Mid-State Health Center takes pride in its commitment to expanding access to critical healthcare services in the region. By bringing Dr. Berry’s expertise in MAT to its Lincoln office, they aim to reach more individuals who may have previously faced challenges in seeking treatment due to transportation limitations. By ensuring that their services are more accessible, they hope to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with substance use disorders.

“We are delighted to extend the availability of our MAT services to the Lincoln community,” said Robert MacLeod, CEO at Mid-State Health Center. “Dr. Andrea Berry’s expertise will be a valuable resource for the community, and with a focus on ease of access, Mid-State is committed to serving our community with the highest standard of healthcare.”

Patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders or requiring more information about the MAT program are encouraged to reach out to Mid-State Health Center’s RISE Recovery Team at 603-217-6300. The compassionate and skilled staff are readily available to assist individuals in their journey towards recovery and improved well-being.