Could Independent Aquatic Exercise Benefit You?

May 5, 2022 | Health Highlights, News

Aquatic exercise provides heart-healthy cardiovascular benefits as well as muscle strengthening with a low risk of falls or joint injuries. Mid-State Health Center’s 35-foot, 90-degree therapy pool is a great option for anyone in the community to participate in some aquatic exercise and is open for registration now.

Matt Scagliarini, Physical Therapist and Director of Rehab Therapy Services at Mid-State says “Aquatic exercise reduces stress on the body and can help patients be physically active with less pain.  The natural buoyancy of water also creates a sensory-rich environment and reduces joint compressive forces. The warmth of the water helps to relax muscles and promote blood circulation and healing.” He continues to say aquatic exercise is a great option for those who wish to improve balance, increase endurance, alleviate pain, or improve their cardiovascular health.

What’s more, is you do not need to know how to swim to have an effective workout in the pool. With stability bars, a hydraulic lift, a bench with massage jets, and deep and shallow water for non-weight or weight-bearing exercises, this pool has everything you need to have a safe and effective exercise session. Aquatic Exercise equipment is available pool side for use as well. 

The Mid-State Health Center warm water pool is open for independent aquatic exercise now. Sessions are sixty-minutes-long, and are available for a single drop-in, or packages of 8 or 12, with cost savings the more you purchase.

Although only independent sessions are available at this time, Mid-State is looking forward to adding group aquatic classes and children’s swim lessons to the program later this year, a service put on hold due to the pandemic.

To learn more about independent aquatic fitness, pricing, or to purchase your independent aquatic exercise packages at Mid-State Health Center, please visit, or call 603-536-5533.

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