Bristol Rotary Supports Mid-State’s Feed the Need Program

Dec 18, 2023 | News

Mid-State Health Center would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to Bristol Rotary of New Hampshire for their continued support of Mid-State’s Feed the Need food security program. In a recent gesture of generosity, Bristol Rotary President Elect, Bill Karkheck, presented a $500 check to Samantha Medeiros, Marketing Director for the program.

The significance of this contribution cannot be overstated, particularly in light of the alarming food insecurity statistics facing New Hampshire. According to the NH Food Alliance, recent household survey data reveals that 1 in 6 NH households, a substantial number of them with children, are currently food insecure. This means they lack regular access to sufficient food for an active, healthy life—an astonishing increase of almost 2 ½ times the rate observed at the beginning of 2020.

At Mid-State Health Center, the harsh reality of patients grappling with food insecurity is witnessed daily. To address this critical issue and bridge the gap between healthcare and nutrition, Mid-State’s ‘Feed the Need’ program provides bags of essential food items to patients before they leave their appointments. These bags, costing approximately $37, can sustain a family of four for three days.

The collaboration between Bristol Rotary, the community, and generous donors has been instrumental in supporting Mid-State’s ‘Feed the Need’ Program. Over the past two years, Mid-State has distributed more than 720 bags, including personal care items, to patients in need. Recognizing the evolving needs of the community, the program has expanded to include specialized bags such as shelterless bags and diabetic bags, catering to those with unique housing circumstances or dietary restrictions.

“We are so thankful to partners like the Bristol Rotary who continue to support our food security program. It really takes collective action to create a positive impact. Thank you, Bristol Rotary, for all you continue to do to help keep our communities healthy”, says Samantha Medeiros, Director of Marketing at Mid-State Health Center.

Mid-State Health Center remains committed to addressing the multifaceted needs of its patients and the broader community. If you wish to contribute to Mid-State’s Feed the Need program, donate today by visiting our website: or drop items in the ‘Feed the Need’ drop-off box at Market Basket in Plymouth, NH.