A new name and look for its highly-successful substance use disorder treatment and recovery program

RISE Recovery Services, a program of Mid-State Health Center, offers substance use disorder treatment and recovery options for anyone in need.  Recognizing that everyone’s recovery path is unique, Mid-State’s RISE Recovery Team works together to create a customized treatment plan for each individual based on their recovery goals. 

The program offers a variety of services including a Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and recovery support services.

RISE Recovery Services brings together all of the services under one, new brand and highlights Mid-State’s highly effective, patient-centered approach.  The RISE model of care focuses on the treatment of the whole patient while helping individuals develop coping skills to assist them on their path to recovery.  People at all levels of recovery in the program are encouraged and supported as they RISE from the grips of their addiction and embrace their new future and recovery journey.

There have been over 300 opioid-related fatalities in New Hampshire in 2019 alone.  Mid-State has responded to the crisis by assembling a team of counselors, physicians, and specialists on the RISE Recovery Team. RISE Recovery Services are easily accessed through all Mid-State’s locations including their newest at the Whole Village Family Center that is focused on providing a non-clinical, community-based location for RISE Recovery Services.  The entire team at Mid-State is committed to helping anyone who is facing an addiction to seek help.  “Every person is different,” says Chief Executive Officer, Bob MacLeod.  “At RISE, our approach is respectful and compassionate, focuses on gaining trust through empathy, guiding with supportive expertise, all with the realization that recovery is hard, but the outcome is always worth the journey.  We have already assisted hundreds of individuals to regain control of their lives and recognize that success comes when we find the strength within to rise above dependency.”

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing substance use or addiction-related challenges, call or text the RISE Recovery team at (603) 217-6300 to learn more about how the RISE team can help.


Many people from all walks of life have become dependent on opioid medications and substances such as heroin.  In 2014, Mid-State added Medication Assisted Treatment to its primary care model to begin to address the opioid crisis affecting families in the region.  Medication Assisted Treatment is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders.  Mid-State offers a robust recovery model with a specialized team dedicated to helping patients achieve sobriety and live a life free of substances. Our goal is to help our patients learn to live without drugs by developing healthier coping skills during their course of treatment.

While this outpatient model is effective for many in recovery, there are members in our community who are in desperate need of a higher level of treatment.  To compound the challenges, travel distances and long waitlists are common barriers to receiving this higher level of care.

There is hope on the horizon.  Mid-State will soon launch a more intensive level of recovery services that include multi-hour sessions, multiple days each week, know as Intensive Outpatient Treatment.  This new program will be co-located with the Plymouth Area Recovery Connection (PARC) at the Whole Village Family Center.

The co-location of these organizations will maximize outreach efforts, provide a centralized and easily identifiable location for treatment and recovery supports in an atmosphere that participants at any level of recovery will feel comfortable and welcomed. 

For more information, contact Mid-State’s Recovery Team 603-536-4000 Ext: 8000