Another Chance IDCMP

Impaired Driver Care Management Program

Another Chance IDCMP is designed for those who are required to attend and successfully complete a state approved DWI, OUI, or DUI Program.

The IDCMP is based on the care management model, which means that you have the right to choose where you wish to receive your services and the right to be a fully active participant in all steps of the process. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way to help you in completing all aspects of the IDCMP program to give you Another Chance.

All IDCMP programs follow the NH Code of Administrative Rules (He-A 500) that are administered by the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. These rules outline all aspects of the IDCMP program, including the requirements of the program, processes to be followed, fees, and program components.

Our RISE Recovery Services Team can assist you in any substance use concerns or behavioral health counseling throughout the program.

The Four Components of IDCMP

There are four program components of IDCMP in New Hampshire. The complete description can be found in the NH Code of Administrative Rules (He-A 500).

1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Screening/Intake

2. Substance Use Disorder Evaluation Assessment

3. Service Plan Development

4. Impaired Driver Education Program Sessions

What to Bring to your First Appointment

In order to complete your intake and screenings, please provide us with the following documents. 

1. Sentencing Order

The court where you were convicted should have given you two copies of the sentencing order which outlines what sanctions have been given to you. Please provide one copy of the Order to us.

2. Diver Record(s)

Please supply Another Chance with an original certified copy of your driver record from the following (if applicable)

– The State of NH, Motor Vehicle Department

– The state in which you hold a driver’s license, if a non-resident; and

– Any state in which you have been arrested or convicted for an offense involving driving a motor vehicle under the influence.

You can obtain a copy of your NH driver record at your local NH DMV offices. Provide a copy of the DSMV Form 505, which must be notarized, in order to receive your record and pay a fee of $15. This form can be accessed at

3. Arrest Report and Arrest Narrative

The arrest report and narrative are available from the police department that arrested you. Please provide all pages of both the report and the narrative.

4. Proof of Alcohol or Drug Test(s) or Refusal 

Please provide proof of your Blood Alcohol Concentration level and/or your drug levels, if any, or refusal to take a test.

5. Proof of completion of any impaired driver education program if completed in the past 5 years. 



Once you have finished all aspects of the IDCMP program and paid all fees, you will be considered completed with the program.

Once you have completed all components, your completion notification form will be sent within five days to the NH Department of Motor Vehicles, the Court where you were sentenced, the Court prosecutor, and the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.

This form must be received by the DMV prior to the restoration of your privileges to operate. Should you require the approval of the Court prior to restoration, for either a reduction in your revocation period or as a result of an indefinite revocation, you will need to file the “Motion to Reduce License Suspension” with the court.

Payment and Fee Information




Intake Free

Inclusive of any screening 


To be paid at intake, unless a payment plan has been arranged

Substance Use Disorder Evaluation


To be paid at time of evaluation, unless a payment plan has been arranged

Client Fee


To be paid at intake. Money order only made out to "Treasurer, State of NH"

Impaired Driver Education Program * (IDEP) 
Includes all course materials


To be paid on or before your first session, unless a payment plan has been arranged

Care Management Fee

$30.00 per contact


Court Proceedings Fee
For each day that Another Chance staff is required to attend a sentencing or court proceeding as a result of notice of non-compliance being sent in accordance with He-A 507.06(k)

$100.00 per day


Out of State Administrative Fee
For clients that live outside of NH and want to complete the program in the state that they are currently residing


To be paid at time of intake, unless a payment plan has been arranged

Drug or Alcohol Testing
As required by the service plan 


To be paid directly at the testing site

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