Daffodils for Ukraine

Mar 11, 2022 | News, Uncategorized

As we all watch the war in Ukraine unfolding before our eyes, the staff at Mid-State Health Center felt eager to help, raising funds to support humanitarian relief in the country. According to the United Nations, an estimated two and a half million refugees have fled Ukraine and countless more will be fleeing to safety, while millions of others have been internally displaced. The scale of need is enormous, and even though a small drop in the bucket, the Mid-State team felt an obligation to come together and do what they could to contribute. 

Tied with yellow and blue ribbons for Ukraine, Mid-State’s staff contributed towards over 140 bunches of daffodils from local flower shop, Flowersmiths, with proceeds being sent to the Ukrainian branch of The Red Cross. The team was passionate about contributing to an organization overseas that will help deliver urgent support to at risk families in the region.

“Ukrainians continue to show the world their immense bravery in the unprovoked war being waged upon them. The invasion of the country has caused catastrophic humanitarian need. We see the images, hear the sounds, and try to think about what it is like to feel the bravery, suffering, and fear. Please help support Ukrainian humanitarian efforts in any way you can. Thank you to the Mid-State team and The Flowersmiths for helping to support Ukraine,” Says Natalie, a first generation American of Ukrainian descent, and clinical team member at Mid-State Health Center.

The U.S. Ukraine Foundation has a list of charitable organizations, including United Help Ukraine, the Ukrainian branch of The Red Cross, Voices of Children, along with many other organizations that are assisting the citizens and refugees of Ukraine. For more information, please contact Nadia McConnell, president of the U.S. Ukraine Foundation, at nadia@usukraine.org or 202-468-6614.