Featured Provider

Frederick Kelsey, MD, FACP

Dr. Kelsey began his medical career as a staff internist at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Newport, Rhode Island. Seeking a community in which to raise their family, Dr. Kelsey and his wife Kathy arrived in Plymouth. He, along with Dr. John Jehl, established the first internal medicine practice in the community in 1979, which later became affiliated with Speare Memorial Hospital. By 1996, with his perspective from more than fifteen years’ experience of practicing medicine, both as an independent and as part of a hospital system, he began to ponder several key questions about care delivery in an increasingly fractured health care environment: How do you take care of the whole person? Who would heal the healers? How do we make a better system for the patient AND the clinician? He recognized if these challenges were not addressed, primary care as a specialty would be in serious peril.

He envisioned a model which supported treating the “whole patient”, while providing a high level of career satisfaction for the clinician. He wanted to build a health care system that supported his belief that wellness is much more than just treating illness, It’s about inspiring people to be well during all stages of their life and empowering them to make decisions about their own health. He knew that in order to realize his vision, he would need to re-think the way primary care was delivered.

In 2003 Dr. Kelsey teamed up with Sharon Beaty to bring their shared vision to life. Together they created Mid-State Health Center, a cutting-edge practice that provides integrated primary care access to everyone in the community regardless of their ability to pay.

As a result of his many years of thoughtful, patient-centered, insightful innovation, Dr. Kelsey is a recognized leader in developing a model of health care delivery that serves to promote the specialty of primary care as the pinnacle of population health.

His unwavering leadership has ensured that the Mid-State model continues to be not only sustainable, but a replicable model of transformation for other health care organizations. His involvement on both the state and national level speaks to his commitment to primary care access, quality, and the system in which it operates.

The medical community in our region and state has benefited significantly from his contributions and will continue to benefit well into the future from his passion and dedication to doing what is right for both the patients we serve and his entire health care team.
Most importantly, Dr. Kelsey remains stalwart in the community, respected for his medical wisdom, compassion, integrity, and humor. It is our heartfelt belief that his impact extends well beyond the healing of patients, he has sparked a movement to heal the health care system.